1 off

Vinten Vision 100 & 2 stage CF legs, spreader (100mm bowl, 3.2 kg, h50~155mm).
load: 7~20kg, Drag: Horiz, vert & Counterbalance; continuous steps

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Cartoni Delta head & tall & short legs, spreader (100mm bowl, 3.5 kg , hT80~145mm, hS..~..)
load: 8~22 kg. Can just about take the SR2, OK with betacams etc. Drag: Horiz, vert continuous steps, Counterbalance x3 steps.

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Libec T95C carbon fibre lightweight tripod (100mm bowl, ?kg, h59~103mm)
+ Secced SC-H120 (Venus 2) fluid head. (Satchler video 20) 100mm bowl.
load: 4.7~16kg, Drag: Horiz & vert 4 steps, Counterbalance x3 steps.

1 off
Libec TH-650DV fluid head (60mm bowl) - works up to EX1 weights. no tripod but can fit Libec T95C

Ronford F4 head. (150mm bowl, (3/8" screw) for use with, Mitchell S35R, Arri etc.

Ronford medium duty tall legs, (150mm bowl, 3ft-6ft (~153mm)

Ronford medium duty short legs, (150mm bowl, 2ft-4ft)

Arri lightweight beechwood baby legs (150mm bowl) [45~60mm (18"~2ft)]

+ spreader + hi-hat + Rolling spider

1 off

Manfrotto 190XDB tripod, 390RC2 stills pan & tilt head.
(wt1.6kg/535mm: support: 35-146cms+5kg, RC2 plate)

2 off
1 Manfrotto 460Mg head.
friction head, lightweight non-leveling ,DSLR, RC2 quick release plate, ¼" screw fitting.

+1 low profile heavy duty version, hexagonal quick release, ¼" & 3/8" screw fitting.


1 off
Samson 201 tripod,
(support: h: 1m-2m / 3¼-6½ft, fixed cameras or teleprompt)

1 off
tripod, Uni-loc major 1220 (improved benbo). Folded length 73cm/29".. 3.1kg
takes Manfrotto 460, 390RC2 or similar ¼" & 3/8" screw fitting.
(support: Max h122cm/48")

2 off:
1 Optex T2 video monopod, (with video head)

+1 other monopod + Manfrotto MN361 Shoulder Brace

Hands-Free DSLR DV Shoulder Rig

Cavision shoulder mount PSS615 & RP1568
2 off:
Manfrotto 143BKT Camera / Umbrella Bracket
1 off
Leica/Leitz 14100 camera table mount

Cinekinetic McJib jib arm
Cinekinetic "McJib" jib arm, 4½ft swing.
Easily takes SR2/Super 16. Can take the Mitchell 35R and other large cameras..
(Vinten 3100-3 Quickfix Adapter with 4-Bolt Flat Base - Supports 100 lbs / 45 Kg.)
75mm, 100mm, 150mm bowl adapter.

Vinten (type 3738) legs and spider dolly, for Cinekinetic jib arm

1 off

CAME-Single 3 Axis Camera Gimbal (+ wireless remote)
wt: 1.2kg, Max payload 1.2kg

Steadycam/steadicam rig,

ABC-HM-DV:, Weight (without batteries): ca. 6,5 kg / 14.3 lb. Max. camera weight: 7,5 kg / 16.5 lb
Dimensions (packed): 80 x 40 x 40 cm / 31.5 x 15.7 x 15.7 in
- full body rig, but a bit on the limit weightwise for using with the SR2. too light for Red cam?. Fine with EX1 types with or without DoF adapters.

Cinekinetic sawed-board dolly, (no track/else short straight run on plastic pipe)
TBA conventional colapsible tripod dolly & streight track
TBA 2 x Vinten HS 102P Remote Pan & Tilt Heads
TSM controllers, Currently missing cables! -
Edmonton studio dolly, Moy geared head (16") , & Moy Hi-Hat

Underwater housing (SLR/DSLR) ewa-marine uw-fps kb-reflex tele 35L (to 20')


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