1 off
12v 100w Dedo DLH4


3 off
24v 150w Dedo DLH4 + dimmers

2 off
Photoflex 120mm Octabox starLite NXT
, (SungBo lightbank speedring/144cm ctr) (500w/1kw E40 bulb)
unbranded 140mm Octabox + starLite QL head, honeycomb [no speedring] (500w/1kw E40 bulb)

+ 2 more bulb holders (+ 2k bulbs)
3 off
Videssence 5220. ~2'x1' Soft light. typically 19,200lm
(fitted: 4x Dulux L55w/830 @3000k) (similar to 2ft Kino Diva) see b220-455bx.pdf
  3 off
Videssence 5117 . ~18"x9" Soft light typically 9,400lm
(fitted: 3x Dulux L36w/830 @3000k)
1 off
Arri 150 junior (fresnel) light: 150w. 50mm fresnel c1630lm
(fitted: A1/248 Osram 64502 ,or GE-LP04867 GE88492 (3400K, 50hrs) or HLT-230/150 2700K, 300hrs, 1630lm) [G6.35].

2 off
Arri 300 fresnel: 300w. beam: 49°/15° typically 2000lm+
Osram FKW =1870lm FRK=2700lm (ish) or Thorn A1/249. [CP81: GY9.5].
[ 1 glass diff, 1 dichroic (blue), 2 scrim sets ]

7 off
Redhead: 800/650w max 20,000lm
ianaro & Photon Beard redhead lamps, with stands, scrims, dichroics, safety glass

1 off
Berkey Colortran mini-broad (wide beam only redhead) 650w, (+scrim set single:122-137 & half) uses redhead bulbs (78mm).
No safety glass or barn doors. scrims are 128mm (4½").

3 off
Arri 800: 800/650w lamps (78mm), with stands, scrims, dichroics
+ 2 speedrings [179cm ctr], chimera (56x40cm) max 20,000lm
+ 1 large (1.2m) Octabox (Photoflex)
6 off
: 2kw blonds lamps, with stands, scrims, dichroics (4x Ianbeam 3150, 2x Photo Beard). typically 50,000Lm

25 off
30w Parcan pin spots

approx 3" dia pencil beam. Beam Angle 5° x 5° (PAR36 30w/6v )
240v (integral transformers) some with IEC connectors, others need rewiring

5 off
500w/1k either
Arri Cyc flood (with wire guard),
Strand Ladi-Cyc flood (2off)
Strand Ladi-fil flood ( no wire guard)
Smith-Victor broad light model 750.

2 off
4005 Strand Orion

floor standing cyc light (1 requires gel frame). 4.5kg (Bn 1114-06)

uses 625w, 1000w or 1250w linear 189mm tungsten halogen 3200K lamps

1 off
500w tungsten work lamp (with spigot)
  3 off
Balcar Zoomlite 45, dimmable flourecent heads, 3 stands, beauty dish reflectors. [Osram gx24Q-4]
At full power, 45 W, equivalent to 300 W Tungsten. Up to 1300 Lux (120 FC) at 2m (6.8 ft).

2 off
Sachtler Reporter 50H on camera Halogen light,

12v + Battery belt. (4 pin Canon/12v).

5 off
Hahnel Pro Zoom on camera Halogen light,

12 batteries, 3 chargers, 12v

5 off
50w 12v open halogen/reflector "stick-up" lamps.

various PSUs (can also work off dedo supplies). (12v/50w (G6.35) type 7027=3300K, 1500Lm, 50hr) 3 pin Canon/12v.
(original version: GAMPRODUCTS, INC., Los Angeles, CA.)

  11 + 12* off
LED strip lamps (12v) 12" x ½" x ½".
Canon 3 pin & *2.5mm power jack, *magnetic grip
1 off
240v 2' LED strip lamp. (with spigot)
IEC mains connector

2 off . 240v 300w in-line dimmers (for practicals) 13A to IEC connectors
2 off . 240v 500w in-line dimmers (for practicals) IEC to 13A skts
4 off . 240v 800w in-line dimmers (for up to redheads ) 13A skts


1 off
Mole Richardson 1404 Midget c1940, but mint, as new, in black.

(bulb: BA15D ø15mm, fitted: 150w H87 Mazda BTH A1/168).

Prop use only, warning: contains asbestos

4 off
Mizar fresnel: 500w (Quartzcolor/Rank Strand, Mizar & Mizar mk2, Ianaro 1200 Mk1) max 14,000lm
suggest Prop use only, these get HOT.. on the plus side, there is little or no spill from these lamps..

[GE CP82 (GY9.5: CRI=100, 500w, 150hrs, 3200k, 12500lm)]
[philips 6873P A1 (GY9.5: CRI=100, 500w, 150hrs, 3200k, 13500lm)]

3 off
Mole Richardson/Berkey (focusing open face lamps, redhead equivalent): 800/650w/150w or 10wLED lamps (78mm), with stands, scrims, dichroics
these are c1967, as new condition, either props or working lights. (Similar to the art-deco ones, but blue with flat aluminium stirups, vintage stands available).

4 off
Strand Patt 23
(green, 500W max. P.28 base )

1 off Strand Patt A243

Strand - T Spot 84


Plus the usual lightweight stands.. and the following:

3.15 metre Manfrotto cine-pup stand 126U [Load capacity – 40kg
Load capacity at maximum extension at 6° inclination – 3.0kg]
2.5 metre 083NW Manfrotto winding stand.
Minimum Height 54.8 in (1.38m), Maximum Height 8 ft (2.47m), Maximum Load 99.3 lbs (45 kg)
2 off
Arri Americans, 4 metre height, lazy leg.
  10 off, various light stands

4 off 19mm & 4 off 15mm spigot turtle (Manfrotto #003 floor level support, +1 off Manfrotto #012B turtle & pole 35"/90mm)

2 off: light pole / super-boom

Elinca 3m colapsible light pole & counterbalance weight.

Manfrotto 8ft light pole & counterbalance weight, (remote tilt handle) type 025, wt: 20Kg, loads up to 6.8kg


Bowens Hi-gide rig:

6x3m rails+ 4x2m rails + 6 short lift pantograph (28-121cm), Firenza/Manfrotto tepescopic pole (2m) + accessories
Manfrotto MN045 Background Triple Hooks (Holder / Support), 046 Expanding background paper holder,

2 x Arri/manfrotto magic arm
7 x manfrotto super clamps (035)
1 x 11" magic arm (Noga) cinegearpro
1 x Manfrotto (196) Articulated Arm - 2 Sections (a sort of lightweight magic arm)
2 x arri grip/arm (ie knuckle and 3' pole)
1 x arri grip heads: D200 flag stand knuckle (ie knuckle only)
4 x 5-8ft polecat. (Arri autopole, Matth pole, Ianaro/barracuda 1.7+1.2m )
2 x italian clamp ( "gator grip", "Gaffer clamp", with spigot and hole)
1 x large Gaffer grip (Pelican)
1 x Manfrotto G clamps/ lighting spigot (12" jaws)
1 x Manfrotto/Arri LF1000A suction clamp
1 x Lastolite 18" (white)
1 x reflector Photoflex 42". (5 in 1: white/gold/silver/grad/diff), Portaflash reflector holder/stand + 1 with integrated stand
1 Arri 1" Poly fork (15mm spigot)
4 x stage weights, (theatre flats type)

2 x manfrotto Avenger collapsible flag arms (1 x black material flag) 2'x18" (60x45cm)
1 x 3'x3' Au flag frame
1 x 3'x2' Au flag frame
1 x 2'x1' Au flag frame, Black material.
2 x 3'x2' Au net frame. no net/fish wire.
1 Ianaro single axis flag holder, ½" spigot.
5 Arri french flags, various sizes.
1 Flash shoe mount french flag type Proaim mattebox Mb-80
2 Crozeil French flag (410-28) (100mm between eyebrow screws)
9 Lowel french flags + 3 metal flex-arms
1 x Arri "finger" kit, 20 off various very small flags and nets, for pack shots & table animation.

Various small black drapes
1 x 3'x3' (98x83cm) collapsible net/diff frame (KTS, 15mm fem spigot) + 2 x scrim diffuser
2 x 4' silvered umbrella (Systems imaging, 8mm rod)
1 x Lowell 30x27cm collapsible gel frame

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last updated: 2 Jun 2018