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ScriptRighter for Word for Windows 6.0
Word template script formatting. from: Gilli Moorhawk Lumina 2000 ver. 20/2/2000  


Link to
Microsoft Word for Windows 95 Screenwriting Template

script writing template for Word 97 DiGiScript: Link to: Final Draft screenwriting software  

various proforma documents
edit timecode list shot logging sheets: video film
film/camera neg report sheet
action sheet (3x4) 21/page story board (3x4) 8/page

release forms: simple documentary

Excel 5 US style Film Production Budget

anyone have a typical UK short budget to put here?

SMPTE gif file for PAL video & computer displays
down load from


1.2Mb bitmaps (800k/1Mb zip) typical unprocessed Canon XL1/miniDV still (720x576 pixels), captured with DV500 and exported via Adobe premiere. Smearing of edges (due to DV compression?) over 3-4 pixels is visible. More complex images, ie more variation of colour and texture over the whole frame, stress the compression algorithm and produce a more blocky image when blown up. Though this is not evident in the top example it is in the wide angle view of the same scene where the 'problem' is made worse by the increased depth of field and thousands of edges (you are looking for blocks characterised by being 8 pixels high with colour cast and reduced contrast).

Worse examples exist, it's rather unfair to show them, when they are not typical of normal shooting. Similar effects are inherent in all compressed DV formats.

You have to assume the stills are typical of a moving DV frame, (stills taken from moving pictures look similar but can show horizontal lines from the deinterlacing). If you compare like with like, ie 720x576 is 72dpi on a 13 inch monitor (not 600dpi uncompressed from your scanner!), the pictures look pretty good.


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