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A Baltar 50mm f2.3/T2 (c1950) and a Series II Cooke Panchro 50mm f2/T2.3 ELC (c1955) compared.

Taylor, Taylor & Hobson Serials: The usual list requoted everywhere is from: Wilkinson, M, and C Glanfield. ibid, Page 71, Chapter 13:
100 1895
5,000 1900
19,500 1914
71,000 1918
117,xxx 1926-7
250,000 1939
303,xxx 1944
300,xxx 1947
688,03x 1965
from which it would seem odd that 1947 serials are lower than 1944.. It's possible this list was based on various series of lenses (which overlap in date).

1930: Cooke Speed Panchro f/2.0 lenses
Cooke Speed Panchro f/2.0 were offered in 11 focal lengths: 24, 28, 32, 35, 40, 47, 50, 58, 75, 100 and 108 mm. The lenses were distributed in the USA by the Bell & Howell Company.
1935: Cooke Speed Panchros, now in Taylor Hobson barrels.
Cooke Speed Panchros for cinematography were introduced in 8 focal lengths, all f/2.0: 24, 28, 32, 35, 40, 50, 75 and 108 mm. They covered the standard format of 0.631 x 0.868 inch. These are now known as Series I.
They are usually uncoated.
Designed to cover 16.03 x 22.05 mm, Standard Academy film format, 27.2 mm image circle.
Usually marked British Patent 377,537; U.S. Patent 1,955,591-1931.). Late versions may be ELC (single coated).

typical THC Panchro Series 1 serials:
(SM= Standard Mitchell, SA=Standard Arri mounts)

24mm 222962 (SM),
28mm 392875, 418822 (SM), 418761 (CA-1)
40mm 247973 (SA), 304987 (SM, ELC)
50mm 506490 (SA), 544612 (SM)
75mm 506537 (SA),

1945: Cooke Series II lenses were designed to cover the 0.723 x 0.980 inch format (18.36 x 24.89 mm). In 6 focal lengths: 18, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 75mm, they are always engraved "Ser.II".
Lens heads are slightly larger than Series 1, eg the series.1 75mm head dia is 43mm, the series.2 75mm head dia is 46mm. In 1945, THC became a subsidiary of the Rank Organization, some lens barrels are engraved Rank Taylor Hobson.

typical THC Panchro Series 2 serials:

18mm 506192 (BNC),
28mm 516583 (Parvo),
32mm 506966(CA-1), 536778(SA), 565246?(SA), 577840 (SA, RTH),
40mm 543128, 565587(SA), 687490(SA),
50mm 525681(SM), 543371(SA), 602541(SA), 636086(SA), 743997,
75mm 564903(SM), 655031(SA), 2502509*(SA),

1954: Cooke Speed Panchros, Series III 18mm and 25mm
The 18mm f/1.7 and 25mm Cooke Speed Panchros were redesigned to address the use of larger negative areas, especially CinemaScope and VistaVision (ie full frame 35mm).
As might be expected, these are not as sharp wide open as the Series 2 lenses.

typical THC Panchro Series 3 serials:
25mm/ 668375(SA),

1946: 100mm, f/2.5 Cooke Deep Field Panchro
Six-element, four-component lens of extended Speed Panchro construction that corrected for all aberrations and was used with both colour and b&w film stock.
302649 (SM, ELC)
734469 (SA, marked Ser.II)

Shot on speed Panchros:
Film 2002 Far from Heaven DP Ed Lachman, used older 25-40mm Cooke Speed Panchros, for a lot of the film. Cooke S4s at night for speed, but used the older lenses when could.
    Midnight in Paris 1920s scenes were shot on older cooke speed panchros for their period feel
    To Rome with Love Speed Panchros were used  for the local stories
    Underground: The Julian Assange Story Speed Panchros
    Delicatessen Speed Panchros
2007    Golden Door Speed Panchros
    Virgin Suicides Speed Panchros
2012 ArriAlexia Amstel Panchros
2009 Arri235 An Education Panchros
2010 Film Burlesque Panchros
2012 Penelope Contraband Panchros
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