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  Main camera on:
Universal language: A Lost Manifesto (s) Dir Aura Satz
Chasing Dreams (f) dir Caleb Lindsay 1994
Understanding Jane
(f) DMS films
Urban Ghost Story (f) Living Spirit Pictures/Chris Jones
Cosmic Brain Suckers (f)
Do Elephants Pray? (f) Dir Paul Hills 2010
Fever (2011) (f) Dir: Q
Hand Righting (s) Dir Jake Barnes
Little Boy Zero (s) Dir: Frank Madone
Blame it on the Boogie (s) Kent Hothouse
This is the Life
(s) wri/DP Craig Devine

Music videos:

Writing's On The Wall - Plan B
/ (Live at Cafe de Paris) Partizan
Habib Kane - Les gens biens
Jon Byrne - Cocaine (2009 music vid) dir: Do
minic Thomas
Animals that Swim - The Longest Road
Mogul - Playaway

Girish promo
Other Projects:
Arm Baggage (s)
Hot Sex & Stan (s) Writer/Dir: David Barlia
Last Fishermen of the Corrib (d)
Solid State (s)
Crowd Scene For Existentialists (s) Blaine Brothers
TV Movies make me cry (s) John Bradburn
Eyeliner (s), Soldier's tale (s),
Underground Genius: Daniel Johnson (d), RBI (corp),
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (C4).
also BFI, OFVM , LFS and LondonMet projects

SR2, camera rental, S16 - super 16



MANUAL (zip)


lens coverage

3 x 400' mags
2 on-board batteries, 12v battery belt
full gate Super16 eyepiece, eyepiece extension
HCU, arri vari-speed, digital vari-speed adapter
standard arri lightweight matte-box & follow focus (15mm bars, 60mm spacing)
Studio 4" swing-out matte-box (2 filters/rotating housing, plus close-up, +2 dioptre, lens)
Studio follow focus (near side and offside focus puller)
arri sliding base plate (either standard or S16)

Wireless video assist (on request), 9" monitor & directors LCD handheld monitor (or lead to DV recorder...)

Arri Super16/Standard 16, PL mount lenses:
Super 16 lenses:
Zeiss 15-135mm zoom (f2.4)
Zeiss primes 12mm (f1.2), 16mm (f1.2), 24mm (f1.2)
9mm CineKowa (f1.2)
135mm (f2.8) Meyer/Zeiss Sonnar telephoto lens
200mm (f4) Meyer telephoto lens
200mm (f2.8) Canon FD telephoto lens + Arri Colcine 2x extender
300mm (f5) Astro Berlin telephoto lens
also Angeneux 12-240mm zoom (Standard 16 only)

also a few special lenses...
5.7mm (f1.8) Kinoptic Tega Ultra Wide Angle (Arri standard & PL mount)
8mm (f3.5) Pelang fish-eye (T2 & PL mount)
80mm (f2.8) 1937 Zeiss Tessar (T2 & PL mount) expecially soft focus, diffuse highlights
mm (f2.7) c1924 Zeiss Tessar (T2 & PL mount).

plus Hassalblad lens>std arri adaptor, std arri>PL adaptor, clip-on 3" matte-box (zoom & zeiss primes with adapter)

 filter sets list


4" Filters: ND set, 85ND set, coral set, sunsets & colour grads,
3" Filters: ND set, 85ND set, limited ND grads, fogs, nets, star etc.
72mm polariser (zoom only)

Some lighting, fluid head, tall/short legs, 150mm bowl hi-hat, grip gear, Avenger flag sets, reflectors etc

last updated: 18 Feb 2011