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A hacked GH1 with PL mount..

This is a one off adapter using a SG Blade PL mount I modified to micro 4/3rds. Although bit of a lump it has the advantage over all the others I've seen in that it has back focus adjustment, which means for the 1st time I can accurately focus the Kinoptic Tega lens!

&.. a BNCR mount +Zeiss superspeeds ...

&..follow focus gear

Panasonic GH1 with PL mount adapter

4/3 sensor myths....
You can use C-mount lenses but, Does the lens cover the sensor? -No, probably not if it's under 30mm. Nearlly all old c-mount lenses were designed for 16 to 8mm film gates, on M43 sensors you see far more outside this area than the designer intended. Eg Bell & Howell Super Comat 25mm vignettes in corners, Wollensak Raptar 25mm & SOM Cinor B 25mm vignette the edge of frame considerably, wider lenses fare much worse.
" .. full size stills lenses -Yes, but but wide angle, say under 20mm, are generally slow, difficult to find and expensive. They may lose contrast with internal light bounce.
" .. 16mm Arri/zeiss mk1/2 super speeds: 25mm and above ok, but 9 to 16mm vignette too much.. And much the same for all 16mm lenses.
" .. Tega 5.7mm -No, vignettes. see below
" .. 8mm (f3.5) Pelang fish-eye -Yes! OK and no vignetting.
" .. Pentax 110 -Yes! and no vignetting. But no iris control, set at max, f2.8 they are not at thier best. Probably the cheapest 18 & 24mm avaliable.
" .. Half frame or 35mm movie lenses -Yes, all of them.


link to GH1 footage: "Bling test", original MJPG 1080x720p codec (Nikon f1.4 AI ) and ACHD 1920x1080 "test 2"

Mk1 Zeiss 12mm f1.2 (vignettes)

Same lens, Mk1 Zeiss 12mm f1.2 as seen through a Super 16 camera
Zeiss Distagon 12mm
Mk1 Zeiss 16mm f1.2 (slight vignette) Same lens, Mk1 Zeiss 16mm as seen through a Super 16 camera
Zeiss 16mm Distagon
Mk1 Zeiss 25mm f1.2, click on image for 5k resolution.
The Tega on micro4/3rds also vignettes badly, this is with focus set to about 2 inches and the background out of focus at f1.8
Cooke speed Panchro SeriesII 75mm f2
GH1 Cooke Speed Panchro series II 75mm f2
Cooke_speed_Panchro_SeriesII-75mm f2
Hexanon 57mm f1.2..
test footage (ACHD) GH1
retro... a Foth (Derby) Anastigmat 50mm f3.5 Foth Derby 50mm f3.5 on a Panasonic GH1



Agilux 45mm f2.8 Anastigmat c1960AGILUX Anastigmat 45mm on GH1
M43-Agilux 45mm @ f4

A full frame, single coated ,anastigmat for Agiflex camera

Pelang 8mm f3.5

(covers M4/3 frame - example) 1920x1080elang lens example

see also: GH1 50mm lens shootout , lenses with personality page , M43 BNCR mount , SR2 Hire

last updated:20 May 2011